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Penguin puns in 2024

What does a penguin do when it loses its tail?
– It goes to a re-tail store.

Why do penguins always carry fish in their beaks?
– They don’t have any pockets!

What do penguins sing on a birthday?
– ‘Freeze a jolly good fellow’!

What is a penguin’s favourite film?
– Frozen.

Q: What do you call a happy penguin?
– A: a Pen-Grin!

What do you call a penguin in the desert?
– Lost!

What do a group of penguins do to help them make a difficult decision?
– Flipper coin.

So why don’t penguins like rock music?
– They only like sole.

Which side of the penguin has the most feathers?
– The outside.

What do you call a happy penguin?
– A pen-grin!

Why do polar bears and penguins not get along?
– Because they are polar opposites.

Why do penguins wear glasses?
– To help their ice-sight.

What would you call a penguin with no I?
– Pengun.

Q: Whats a penguins favorite relative?
– A: Aunt Arctica!

What is a penguin’s favorite family member?
– Aunt Artica!

What do penguins wear on their feet at nighttime?
– Slippers

What did the penguin say in his Valentine’s Day card?
– “Waddle I do without you?”

Why are penguins so difficult to get along with?
– Because they’re always fishing for compliments.

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