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School puns 👨‍🏫 in 2021

When I was a student I had so much school spirit that it was spooky.

Even though my school shut down during the lockdown it was still virtually the best.

“The campus cafe and I were meant to bean.”

What do you call 2000 mockingbirds?
– Two kilo mockingbird.

Books are my kind of texts.

When the students did not pay attention, the science teacher said, “You need to understand the gravity of this science lesson!”

My friend fainted in school. He went down in history.

An example of an odd thing is a number not divisible by 2.

“I think my campus is haunted, because there’s a lot of school spirit.”

I like big books and I cannot lie.

I was surprised when my teacher asked me to study things with a higher pH than 7
– because she usually always gives me basic things.

I was forced to drop out of med school
– because it took guts to learn about human anatomy.

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