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Dad puns ๐Ÿ‘จ in 2023

I love you, dad.
– From my head tomatoes.

I want to wish you “A Pea Father’s Day”, dad.

What do you call a dad who falls through the ice?
-A popsicle!

I told my dad “I love you too matcha”.

What do you call a fruit thatโ€™s really emotional?
– A passionfruit

Youโ€™re a fan-stache-tic dad!

ย I shore love you a lot – so, let’s shellaberate.

I wanted to give you a comb for Fatherโ€™s Day, but we couldย never part.

You’re tee-rific, Dad!

You are the world’s greatest farter.

Love you dad, Pho real.

I love you a latte dad
-I can’t even espresso how much.โ€

Hey, Dad
-itโ€™s cool that youโ€™re Old Fashioned.

I told my dad, “It is difficult to espresso how much I love you”.

Iโ€™m not lion
– youโ€™re the best.

The best dads are really punny.

You have koalified to be called the best father.

Like a whiteboard, youโ€™reย remarkable.

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