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Bear puns ๐Ÿงธ in 2022

I hate to be theย bearerย of bad news

A boss told a bear that he was koalified for the job.

Bearly there.

Bear Force One

Weโ€™ll need toย bearicadeย these doors

This transformation is unbearable.

Bear’s one (a sucker) born every minute

This evening has been a completeย embearassment.

I can’t bear to wait any longer.

Vanish into thin Bear

He thinks heโ€™s Conan theย Barbearian.

The bear told his enemy, “I’ll fight you with my bear hands.

Bear pollution

Bear Conditioning

This industry has a highย bearier-to-entry

I’ll kill you with my bear hands!

Let Bear be light

Oh, howย embearassing!

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