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Bear puns ๐Ÿงธ in 2023

The music is the only thing that makes this partyย bearable

Just let me get my bearings…

Behind every great man Bear’s a great woman

Generations of ourย forebearsย have lived in this forest.

I know there are too many puns but please bear with me.

Special Bear Service

Weโ€™ll have to walkย bearfoot

ย The little bear was always talking about his favorite after school club, it was the Cub Scouts.

Bear’s no such thing as a free lunch (Tanstaafl)

The axleย needs newย bearings

I hope you pre-beared for this beating.

Though this be madness, yet Bear is method in it

Ripe yellowย goosebearies.

I’ve lost my bearings and I don’t know where the NPC is.

United States Bear Force

Aย bearfacedย lie

The bear only has Coca-Koala when he is thirsty.

For every thing Bear is a season

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