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Bear puns ๐Ÿงธ in 2023

This industry has a highย bearier-to-entry

I’ll kill you with my bear hands!

Let Bear be light

Oh, howย embearassing!

The mother egg will only go to the supermarket if she can use the eggs-press lane.

Bear quotes

Their behaviour isย barbearic.

ย The zoology teacher said to his students, “Bear in mind the important details.”

ay, Bear’s the rub

Bear Will Be Blood

Theyโ€™ve hired very good bearisters.

A-bear-antly you want to fight?

Bear is no alternative

It will require patientย forbearance.

This is getting unbearable.

Thin Bear

The landscape isย bear

When the bears heard a gunshot, there was a pandamonium

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