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Clown puns ๐Ÿคก in 2023

Two cannibals are eating a clown.
– One turns to the other and says, โ€œDoes this taste funny to you?โ€

Why don’t we eat clowns?
– Because they taste funny!

How were the clown’s tricks?
– Ma-jest-stic!

Friend of mine is an expert in making clown shoes.
– Itโ€™s no small feat.

If you ever find yourself being attacked by a gang of clownsโ€ฆ

– You should go straight for the juggler.

A clown held a door open for me.
– It was a nice Jester.

When do clowns go to the doctor in their clown car?
– When they feel a little funny!

Which movie did Pennywise avoid seeing because he hated biopics?
– ‘IT.’

What did the egg say to the clown?
– You crack me up!

The best insult ever is, โ€œWho is this clown?โ€


โ€“ You are calling them a clown.

โ€“ You are saying they are not even a well-known clown.

Why was the lopsided circus clown looking for another piece of cheese?
– He only had one stilt-on!

What kind of fever did the clown have?
– Juggle fever.

What happened at the egg contest when one of the clowns had a cracked egg?
– The other clown said, “The yokes on you.”

What happened when the magician got mad?
– She pulled her hare out!

Did you ever hear about the unfunny clown?

– He tried ten times to make the audience laugh, but no pun in ten did.

Today I went out with only half of my face painted like a clown.
– Not everyone saw the funny side!

Why are all the clowns busy?
– Because they got funny business to handle!

What material is a clownโ€™s costume made from?
– Poly Jester.

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