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Bat puns ๐Ÿฆ‡ in 2022

What is a bat’s favourite pudding?
– Upside down cake.

There is no friendship greater than that of bats. They always hang around together.

What animal is best at hitting a baseball?
– A bat.

Where do bats get their education?
– In night schools.

How do bats know what’s to come in their future?
– They read their horror-scope.

Why do the witches never win a game of baseball?
– Because their bats always fly away.

All the little witches loved playing bats cradle at school.

What did one bat say to another?
– Letโ€™s hang around together.

– A bat-mare.

What do bats say to vampires they hate?
– “You suck!”

Have you ever discovered that all vampire bats have false teeth?
– The reason is, they come out at night.

Robin got kicked off the baseball team
– because he forgot his bat, man!

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