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Bat puns in 2024

What do you call a bat who gets charged up to fly?
– A battery.

School going vampires carry their books in bat packs.

What did the bat say to the vampire?
– “You suck”.

What do you call a bat who gets a charge out of life?
– A battery.

What is the only thing smarter than a talking bat?
– A spelling bee.

What happens if you cross a bat and a ball?
– You get a home run.

Casketball has been listed as one of the sports registering huge populations of bats.

How do vampires carry their books to school?
– In their bat pack..

What do you get when you cross a bat with a doorbell?
– A ding-bat.

Why don’t vampires use the front door?
– Because they use the bat flap instead.

There are many ways of holding a bat, but the best is by the handle.

A bat can easily make new friends with a sound wave.

How do bats fly without bumping into anything?
– They use their wing mirrors.

What happened when the bat swallowed the alarm-clock?
– She turned into a ding-bat.

How did the vampire carry her books to school?
– She put them in her bat-pack.

What does a vampire bat call his best friends?
– His blood brothers.

When baking cakes, vampires use batter.

What’s the best way to hold a bat?
– By the handle.

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