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Deer puns ๐ŸฆŒ in 2023

A hart surgeon.

Youโ€™re my deer-est friend!

The only reason why the hunter misses the
target is that he does not aim deer โ€“ ectly for it.


A non-deery diet.

Cheap andย deerful.

ย Iโ€™m very fawnโ€™d of them myself.

how deer you threaten me!

What did the deer say to his friend before their
test at school? Good buck!

Fawn over her.

She had a hart of gold!

they are such deer people.

Heโ€™s on a non-deery diet.

Deery Queen.

Deerย pressure.

I remember the day you were fawn!

No more puns or I’ll buck you up.

What board game do deers love playing? Buck-gammon!

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