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Llama puns ๐Ÿฆ™ in 2023

Llama mia, here I go again.

Alpaca my bags and alpaca lunch.

Why did the llama turn the music off at karaoke night? She wanted to sing alpacapella.

What do llamas say when things donโ€™t go as planned? โ€œSpit happens!!

Who is the llama spiritual leader? the Dalai Llama.

I got a wool llama love for you!

What happened when Llaura Llama got in a fight with her twin sister? Llama drama!

Why donโ€™t llamas like singing with backing music?they prefer to sing alpacapella.

Llama know if you donโ€™t like these puns and alpaca my suitcase and leave!

What do llamas drink before they fight? Alpaca punch.

Whatโ€™s a llamaโ€™s favorite song?Lama chameleon

What did the camel say to the llama?let me teach you how to spit.

What did the vicuรฑa say when the alpaca asked to borrow her phone? No probllama.

Why don’t you just save the drama for your llama?

Why donโ€™t you just save the drama for your llama?

What did the llama say when the vicuรฑa asked why he knew so many jokes? Llama funny guy.

What actor do llamas love? al Pacacino.

These llama puns will get you cria-ing with laughter.

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