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Witch puns in 2024

Why did the man decide not to divorce his wife after she became a witch?-
– He married her for better and for warts!

Let me make you an offer you chant refuse…

Why did the hotel staff dress as witches for Halloween?
– Because they provided broom service!

Witch doctors write their prescriptions in curse-ive.

“Basic witch.”

Happy Halloween, witches!

What problem do you encounter with twin witches?
– You can never tell witch is witch.

Why are witches good at farming?
– Because they love occult-ivation.

Keep calm and carry a wand.

Keep calm and carry a wand.

Witch-u want?
– Baby you got it. Witch you need… you know I am it!

What did the angry witch do after sitting on her broomstick?
– She flew off the handle.

What did one witch’s cat say to the other?
– You look familiar.

Witching upon a star.

Can’t always get what you wand.

Why do witches fly on broomsticks, of all things?-
– So they can make a clean getaway!

No charm, no foul.

Why did the witch go to the doctor?
– She had a dizzy spell.

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