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Cold puns ๐Ÿฅถ in 2023

Itโ€™s so cold in winter, I chipped my tooth on my soup.

I became a world-renowned expert on ice and cold weather.
– And it only took me two degrees to do it.

What do you call a cold crocodile in winter?
– A refrigergator.

In the middle of the winter, the city administration announced a snowman party with a huge banner written โ€˜Welcome to our snowballโ€™.

The only way to stop the snow from giving you cold feet is by ensuring you donโ€™t go around brr-footed.

It was a whirlwind winter romance,
– love at frost sight.

Whatโ€™s faster, hot or cold?
– Hot because you can always catch a cold.

It is not by coincidence that every ice-cream parlor owner is also a Sunday school teacher for a side hustle.

Those scientists who are devoted to experimenting with thin ice would achieve a breakthrough.

It was so cold I stopped worrying about my acne, and ice started to worry about my goosebumps.

I usually prefer cold weather,
– but only to a certain degree.

I believe the best scientists who are dedicated to experimenting with thin ice will achieve a big breakthrough.

When you walk through the winter with your eyes closed, the only thing you can catch is a cold.

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Feeling cold?
– Go stand in the corner. Itโ€™s 90 degrees.

Itโ€™s so cold I saw a Greyhound bus and the dog was riding on the inside.

The cold winter was harsh on the trees,
– but by spring, they were re-leafed.

Which animals are the coldest in winter?
– Mice. Except for the M, theyโ€™re ice.

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