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Otter puns 🦦 in 2023

What do you drive in a river?An otter-mobile.

Otternal life may be possible at some point in the future.

What type of cars do otters drive? Otter-mobiles

What is an otter’s favorite Adele song?
“Hello (from the Otter Slide).”

We ottermaticaly became friends.

What did the otter say when he was fed up with moving house? I’m otterly bored with all this logging around.

What does a shaved otter look like?Odder.

How does an otter get into an honest business? Usually through the skylight.

Aww, this otter meme is so otterable!

What kind of car does an otter drive?A Furrari.

The ottermost layer is the hardest.

Why did the otter join NASA? She wanted to get to otter space

What would you rather be: a polar bear or a little otter?
A little (h)otter.

She finished the otterbiography just before she passed.

What did the grape say when the otter stood on it? Nothing, it just let out a little whine.

I get beavers and similar animals mixed up…I otter know better.

You should have see the otter guy!

What did the pup’s mum say when he had been naughty? You otter be ashamed of yourself.

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