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Otter puns 🦦 in 2021

Why did walrus marry the whale?Because she wasn’t like all the otters.

I hope one day we can explore otter space.

I get seals and other aquatic mammals mixed up. I really otter know better.

Two otters are in a car. Who’s driving?Animal control.

Spraint is the dung of an otter.

Where do otters like to relax? In the otter tub.

Did you hear that some aquatic mammals escaped from the zoo?It was
otter chaos!

Does Mr. Otterton listen to Gazelle? Yes he’s a rabid fan.

Scientology is odd, but not much otter than most other religions.

What did the weasel say to the badger? We should always be kind to otters.

What do you call it when aquatic mammals steal cars?Grand theft otter.

This is boring, I’m otter here. And

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