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Otter puns in 2024

Where do otters like to relax?In the otter tub.

There was a gasp at this public otterance of the forbidden word.

We otter stop and help him

Who did the otter bring to the wedding as his plus one?His significant otter.

Only the most otterocious otter puns have made it into this list.

What does an otter look like after it has shaved its fur off? Odder

Why did the otter cross the river?To get to the otter side.

Why did the chicken go to the zoo? To get to the otter slide.

Grand theft otter.

Why did the zookeeper let the dog into the water enclosure? Because it played well with otters.

 What did the weasel say to the badger?“We should always be kind to otters.”

My otterney advised me to plead guilty.

I got invited to a wedding at the zoo but I didn’t take a plus one as I don’t have a significant otter.

What do you say when you see a famous otter?“Please can I have your ottergraph?!”

Ten minutes otter be enough time.

Why did the seal cross the road to the zoo? To get to the otter slide.

What animal would you most like to be on a cold day?A little otter.

What do you call a maternal Turkish robot water weasel? An Ottoman otter-mom automaton.

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