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Construction puns 🚧🛠️ in 2023

Want to hear my joke about construction?
– Never mind, I’m still working on it

I’d like to build a barn over Christmas, if I can find space in my shed-yule.

Did you hear about the new dating site that matches women up with construction workers?
– It’s called Studfinder.

I couldn’t believe my son when he said he got fired from a road construction company for theft.
– But, when I got home all the signs were there.

I took a quiz about construction work. I screwed it up. I took it again and I nailed it.

I’ve got a great joke about construction
But I’m still working on it

I saw someone trying very hard to make a joke on road construction. I think he needs some time to lay it all out.

Bricks are the happiest construction materials.
They’re always getting laid.

The shovel remains one of the most groundbreaking construction tools ever.

Would you like to hear a construction joke?
– [Yes] Well I’m still working on it.

I heard the replacement window installers quit soon after they started their job. Apparently, they feel it’s a real pane.

Where in the Bible does Jesus bequeath his woodworking tools?
– The Axe of the Apostles!

There’s this new workout for construction workers where you have to hit garden buildings. It is a good thing
– because I’m looking to pound some sheds.

The first carpenter did a bad job and screwed the furniture up but the second one nailed it.

I knew a guy who operated a steamroller for a living. He was known to be quite good with flattery.

Want to hear a joke about construction?
– I’m still working on it!

I was having an argument about construction with someone on reddit.
He said he never had any issues with mis-calculations during construction on houses and I said that’s impossible.

I told him in response about a time I put a post in the ground at a bad angle and had to take it out and put it back in correctly.

He got mad at me because he had heard the same exact story on r/construction

I guess you could call it a repost

My father always wanted to be a plumber for a construction company, but his plans ended up being nothing but a pipe dream.

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