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Construction puns in 2024

How does construction workers party ?
– They raise the roof.

Do you wanna hear a joke about construction
– Never mind I’m still working on it

Did The Doors hold jamb sessions?

We visited a zoo last week that was partially under construction. I saw a snake wearing a construction hat. I guess that was a boa constructor.

I was helping my dad with construction he told me to get the hammer but I accidentally gave him the drill
– He said I could have nailed it, but I screwed up

What do construction workers say before they begin a job. Let’s make sure we don’t screw this up.

I had a joke about construction…
…but I’m still working on it.

The project to restore Big Ben was a bit behind schedule, so the construction company put on a third shift…
– Men are now working around the clock.

My dad and I are walking around Munich and I point out all the construction.
True story, he says, “The crane business must be booming.”

A hopeless romantic drives a steamroller. He’s also quite a flatterer.

I kept defending my brother, who was accused of theft by a construction site. But when I came back, I realized that the signs were always there.

Last week I went to a movie with my friends. It was about a gorilla working on a construction site. It’s called King Koncrete.

We went to a party with the construction workers last week. They were so funny. I must say, they really raised the roof.

Wood you consider lumberjacks to be hew man beings?
– It’s a difficult question, but I have to axe.

A construction worker goes to a fancy restaurant and his a dress code problem.
The man goes into the fancy restaurant and have a discussion with the host:

Host Sir, you cannot come in here with out a belt. We have standards.

The man goes out to his car and puts on a belt fashioned out of some rope. He goes back in.

Host Alright…. I guess you have a belt….You still need a jacket.

The man goes back out to his car and fishes out a jacket his wore to a wedding a year ago. He shares it off, brushes it with his hand, and puts it on.

Host Ok. You still need a tie. It is required.

The man goes out to his car. He doesn’t have a tie. He puts on jumper cables and makes a perfect Windsor knot.

Host You have a belt and a jacket. I guess you have a tie.

Just don’t try to start something….

My boss just asked me to attach two wood pieces and I completely nailed it.

A construction worker and a cheating wife were having an affair. They bonded through conversations about the things they had most in common. They were both home wreckers.

Wanna hear a joke about construction?
– Wait, I’m still working on it.

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