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Construction puns 🚧🛠️ in 2022

I watched a show about construction
– It was riveting

I’ve got a great joke about construction,
– But I’m still working on it

Carpenters enjoy showering. They work up a good lather.

What was that joke I was going to say about construction?
– Man, I gotta work on that…

I was surprised when I heard the carpenter was angry after hitting a nail. Turns out, he hates getting hit on fingernails.

Want to hear a joke about construction?
– I’m still working on it…

My friend was offered a job at a construction site in Egypt, but he refused it right away. It turns out that it was a pyramid scheme.

Two detectives were investigating a murder at a construction site
The evidence wasn’t concrete.

What is a construction worker’s favorite dance move? Raise the roof.

If plumbers have plumbers crack what do construction workers have?
– Asphalt (My dads been telling this one since I was 12, never heard it anywhere else 😂)

My friend used to be a drill operator. He left the job after a few years
– because it was boring.

One of the construction workers at my company got sick. I hope he can deal with it as-best-os he can.

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