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Heart puns ๐Ÿ’“ in 2021

Why did the pianist have to be rushed into surgery after his latest performance?
– He played his heart out!

I’m so excited to see you again, I can heartly wait!

My dad has the heart of a lion… and a lifetime ban from the zoo.

Why did the pig have a heart attack? It had too much bacon.

What did Herbie, the gardener gift his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? A heart-beet.

Are you a locksmith? Because you hold the key to my heart.

I wanted to break up with my partner, who’s a cardiologist… But I didn’t have the heart to do it.

I AROTA tell how much I love You.

What happened to the student who failed his cardiology exam? He had heart failure.

What happened to the patient who refused to get a much-needed transplant?
– He had a change of heart!

The other day I saw two birds who were in love: they were tweet hearts.

I gave my heart to a girl from Great Britain. She turns around and Brexit into a million pieces.

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