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Hot Dog puns ๐ŸŒญ in 2021

My friend asked if she could eat a hot dog, or if it was bad for her diet.
– I said that it wasn’t the wurst thing she could eat.

Out of every single hot dog out there,
– I pickle you.

Hot dog lover since birth.

What does a man consider a seven-course meal?
– A hot dog and a six pack of beer.

What? Did you eat 10 hot dogs at once? Salami get this straight, did I hear that right?

The hot dog managed to get a job, even though he had a criminal record.
– It was only a misde-wiener.

When does a hot dog have a close shave?
– At the barber-cue.

I think we grilled too much food. Ugh, what a pickle.

I do take my time when I put toppings on my hot dogs
– because I just relish those moments.

When you love the taste of the hot dog, you will dance your buns off.

Let me be frank, I love the summer.

“You don’t like hot dogs?
– Well, you’re the wurst.”

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