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Light puns ๐Ÿ’ก in 2021

This dress is actually too LIGHT to me,
– I am unable to fit into it

I’ve always wondered who it was that created the oil lamp.
– Then again, it was presumably some bright spark.

I bought a book about lamps and bulbs.
– That’s in case if I wanted to do a little light reading.

I just want to say you GOOD โ€“ LIGHT

One day, God was making a wooden stick to light on fire. Seeing it,
– an angel said, “That looks like one match made in heaven”.

I got a new printer that printed me a selfie that I took in ultra violet ink, and now people have started to see me in a completely different light.

The brightest animal on this planet is a lamb.

You should never ask a skeleton to help you change a lightbulb.
– Because no-body will show up.

You must also add some mango BULB in the mango smoothie

Do you know how to fly LIGHT

I went to a Chinese restaurant and the lights in there were too bright. So I requested if they could dim sum.

I had to replace all of the bulbs in my side table lamps.
– Then I also replaced the ones on my ceiling.
– That was definitely the highlight of my day.

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