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Water puns in 2024

How did the water introduce itself?
– The names bond, Hydrogen bond.

Sea I will never stop the water puns.

The coach asked Roger if I could swim underwater.
– He said, “I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

Water in the basement memories came flooding back.

I whaley love you.

Why did Snoop Dog need an umbrella?
-Fo’ Drizzle.

Healthy water is well water.

Water-skiing can be a drag sometimes.

What do you call water that is good for you?
-Well water.

When a store sells water they call it a liquidation.

Water-skiing can be a drag sometime.

That shore was a long comment.

Why did the river start losing her memories?
-Because she is becoming sea nile.

A bunch abalone is salt water puns.

 Are you ready to make waves?

What goes up when rain comes down?

A duck that refuses to go in the water is a chicken.

When you complete water slide construction you require a dry run.

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