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Hand puns ✋ in 2022

What is the rudest thing to say to someone who has lost their fingers? We are crossing fingers for you.

If one ever cuts out their left hand, their right hand will be left.

A mime in the town got arrested after he got involved in a bar fight and broke his left arm. Well, he still knew his right to remain silent.

What would you call t-shirts with their cut off arms? Ampu-tees.

“There are five types of people…” *holds up two fingers *
Those who understand roman numerals, and those who don’t…

See these great wordplays that continue to make a way through funny conversations filled with laughter or a giggle in life with friends. You are sure to find one or two puns that everyone will love!

“The best time to add insult to injury is when you’re signing somebody’s cast.”

Some stranger cut off both my favorite doll’s arms and legs a week ago. It’s ok. I don’t hold crutches.

Why was the minor reported to the police for his arms? He didn’t have a license to bear arms.

I have a scar from an axe on my finger
It was an axident

My father slipped in the bathroom today and ask my mother for a hand. She started clapping and we all burst into laughter.

My hands are so dry they feel like they belong to someone else

If you swat a mosquito on your arm, he died in vein.

Why don’t octopi have forearms? It’s because they have eight arms.

I was cleaning my finger gun the other day…
And shot a hole in my air guitar.

What tree can fit in one’s hand? A palm tree.

Is it a fair deal to get married? On one hand, they would wear a ring, but on the other, they wouldn’t.

I cut the arms of my already broken doll to make it new again. It was one of the best decisions I made, hands down.

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