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Hand puns ✋ in 2022

Why do the fingers refuse to agree with the thumbs? This is because the thumbs can be opposable.

The man who invented the wrist-watch probably had too much time on his hands.

I got in an accident last month, and the doctors told me that they would have to remove my left arm and left leg. At that time, I realized that I had no more left to lose.

Why should you always thank your arms? For always being by your side.

I broke my finger last week.
On the other hand I’m ok.

I was at the buffet line in a restaurant and as I asked what’s special for today, a lady handed her baby to me. I smiled and said, “no thank you, I am a pure vegetarian”. She was shocked I guess.

The guy who invented hand sanitiser must be rubbing his hands together right now

There was a boxer in our area who had a problem lifting his arm. It seemed that all his opponents had the upper hand.

What happened to the action star who broke her wrist during the shooting of a movie? She was still kept in the cast.

What do you call a tree fingers grow on?
A palm tree

What are the best names for your right-hand watchdogs? Rolex or Timex.

I auditioned for a carpenter’s hand and nailed it.

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