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Apple puns in 2024

“If you were a fruit, you’d be one fine-apple.”

You’re the apple of my eye

I fell sick last week so my doctor asked me to take a relax for a few days and eat a lot of fruits. It peels so good to sit back and relax with a fruit in my hand.

She is the pie to my apple.

“I just know that you will become the apple of my pie.”

I’m joking, I’m just apple-ling (pulling) your leg

It was sad that even in this day, many apples treat a foreign apple as an out-cider.

When the young Apple saw the apple called Lady Alice, he was Smitten.

I am exercising a lot because I want to work on my core.

“It’s just the tree of us.”

You have to strengthen your core

An apple was very sad. His friends did not consider his peelings.

I am just one bad apple.

Apple pies bake the world a better place.

“I’m red-y to go apple picking.”

I couldn’t have “picked’ a better teacher

I was eating fewer fruits and more junk so my doctor said that a good diet consisting of various fruits is the peelar of good health.

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