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Vampire puns ๐Ÿง› in 2022

Vampires hate the sea because it’s salty. They much prefer to go fishing in the blood stream.

I went to a party dressed up as Count Dracula and ate all the snacks. My costume was Vampire The Buffet Slayer.

Why was the vampire in a good mood?
– His last victimโ€™s blood was B+

Q: What do you call someone that sucks the jelly out of donuts?
A: A Jampire

You can’t ever get the attention of a vampire on Halloween. They’re way too busy looking for their necks victim.

All vampires seem to have the same thing for their last meal. A stake.

Why don’t vampires use autocorrect?
– Because they love Type Os

What can you tell about a vampire who attacks during the day?
– He’s a daydrinker.

Why do you need to give a vampire cold medication often? For their coffin.

I hope you have a bloody good Halloween!

My friend who’s a vampire was depressed. I told him to drink B positive.

what do you call a vampire that drinks blood between meals?
– snackula

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