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Taco puns ๐ŸŒฎ in 2023

Live like every day is Taco Tuesday!

ย We can taco-ver the phone.

My life is like a taco. It’s falling apart.

Taco back where you came from

I had no choice but to stop cooking during the taco
making contest. I ran out of thyme.

The police said the burrito thief wouldn’t talk, so I tried to persuade him. “Listen,” I said, “you need taco-operate with us.”

Did you hear about the tortilla rebellion? It was a
hostile taco-ver.

The new Mexican restaurant is the taco the town

The waiter’s interview at the Mexican restaurant wasn’t
going very well. “Please,” he said, “taco chance on me.”

Seven whole days without tacos makes one weak.

It was a hostile taco-ver.

Mexicans like to put hot sauce on their tacos. Por flavor.

Taco big or taco home

It’s good to have friends who are taco chef. They are
always seasoning the day.

People think eskimos eat fish, but most of the time they eat brrr-itos.

Did you hear about the new Mexican restaurant? Itโ€™s
the taco the town!

We can taco-ver the phone.

You can get the tastiest tacos if you go to the gulp of Mexico.

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