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Taco puns ๐ŸŒฎ in 2022

What do you call a semi-aquatic reptile that loves
Mexican food? A tacodile.

Iโ€™m nacho I want to talk about it

Have you ever been interrupted by a tortilla? It’s
seriously annoying, they always taco’ver you.

Trying to decide what to order? There are so many
delicious tacos to choose from. Taco your time.

A day with tacos wonโ€™t kill youโ€ฆbut why risk it?

I wrapped my cat in a blanket. Now she’s a purrito.

Every now and then I fall apart!

Taco walk on the wild side

I don’t like it when you make tacos. They’re nacho best dish.

The local Greek restaurant has started serving the best
tacos and burritos. I thought I was going to love it, but it turned out it was just Greecey Mexican food.

What is a tacoโ€™s favorite TV show?ย Better Call Salsa.

In queso emergency

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