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Taco puns in 2024

What do you call a semi-aquatic reptile that loves
Mexican food? A tacodile.

I’m nacho I want to talk about it

Have you ever been interrupted by a tortilla? It’s
seriously annoying, they always taco’ver you.

Trying to decide what to order? There are so many
delicious tacos to choose from. Taco your time.

A day with tacos won’t kill you…but why risk it?

I wrapped my cat in a blanket. Now she’s a purrito.

Every now and then I fall apart!

Taco walk on the wild side

I don’t like it when you make tacos. They’re nacho best dish.

The local Greek restaurant has started serving the best
tacos and burritos. I thought I was going to love it, but it turned out it was just Greecey Mexican food.

What is a taco’s favorite TV show? Better Call Salsa.

In queso emergency

Do you want to taco ’bout it? It’s nacho problem.

We’re going to get Mexican food, whether you want to
or not. Are you going taco-ooperate?

There is no “we” in taco.

See you in a while guac-odile.

Hey baby, taco walk on the wild side!

Taco where you want to go

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