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Avocado puns ๐Ÿฅ‘ in 2023

Two avocados got into a fight. It was a guacamelee.

You guac my world

The number of units in one guacaMOLE of any
substance: โ€œAvocadroโ€™s Number.โ€

There was an avocado who had feet; he was
nothing but an avaca-toe.

Donโ€™tย guacย the boat

Things are allripe for now

ย I tried to put so much dip on my chip, it broke in
half. It was guac-ward.

Four avocados were kept in the basket; a young
Spanish boy saw and asked if they were avo-cuatros

Hass, queen!

GUAC NO! I give zero guacs! You need to guac off!

Nothing isย avoย free

Forget weights, itโ€™s avo-cardio day

A toast!

The baker prepared some avocado flavored
bread using avoca-dough.

Hitย guacย bottom.

A move in the ripe direction

My dad is teaching me to make guacamole.
He says Iโ€™m a chip off the old guac.

The avocado said, “Things could not get any worse,
I have hit guac bottom.”

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