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Avocado puns in 2024

Two avocados got into a fight. It was a guacamelee.

You guac my world

A move in the ripe direction

My dad is teaching me to make guacamole.
He says I’m a chip off the old guac.

The avocado said, “Things could not get any worse,
I have hit guac bottom.”

Hass, if!

You are all I avo wanted.”

Let’s avocuddle 

You have a avo-can do spirit!

I tried to make guacamole with an unripe avocado. It was pit-iful.

Baby avocados were taught about how to fight
against pear pressure in school.

Around the guac

Rock out with your guac out

My new shoes have avocados on them—time to go for a guac!

“You are so much more than I avo hoped for,” said
the guacamole when he met the perfect toast.

Hass, we can!

avo nice day!

Best friends foravo!

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