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Avocado puns ๐Ÿฅ‘ in 2022

Two avocados got into a fight. It was a guacamelee.

You guac my world

Itโ€™s guac-tail hour!

Whatโ€™s an avocadoโ€™s favorite musical theater
song? โ€œItโ€™s a Hard Guac Life.โ€

The kids were playing with avocados. They were
whacking them with hammers and calling it ย guac-a-mole.

How much do I love guacamole? Avocadonโ€™t get
me started!

On their wedding anniversary Mr Avocado said
to his wife, “You are everything I avo wanted.”

Guacย as a flash

Youโ€™re everything I avo wanted

Iโ€™ve hit guac bottom.

The avocado just started going to the gym and
he is already very tired. I guess he is feeling pretty hard-core.

You have guac to be kidding me

And what do you say to an avocado after they
perform a fabulous rendition of it? โ€œBravocado!โ€

I heard the priest blessed an avocado during the
Sunday prayer. He became a holy guacamole.

My baby brother already loves guacamole. Heโ€™s
an avo-kiddo!

Mr Avocado loved going on business trips; he
enjoyed building up his pear to pear network.

Guacodileย tears

Avo a great birthday!

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