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Tennis puns ๐ŸŽพ in 2023

A tennis ball can be served but should not be eaten.

Djokovic to his friends the morning after winning the U.S. Open: Is anyone hungry for some Dennyโ€™s?
– Because I would like another Grand Slam. (disclaimer: I donโ€™t think heโ€™s ever said this )

If you want to impress the crowd, hit overheads. Every point will be a smash hit.

When little Johnny was asked what comes before tennis, he simply answered nine-ish.

Djokovic won the U.S. Open and took his friends to Denny’s the next morning.
When they reached, he said, “Hope everyone’s hungry because I’m ready to slam some burgers into my mouth.”

All the classy indoor tennis facilities always serve bubble tea.

Why canโ€™t I ever win a game returning serve?
– Give me a break.

Tennis players often marry for the money
– because love doesnโ€™t means anything to them.

Players love tennis
– because even though you live just once, you are able to serve twice.

The coach advised the young player, who was also a prankster, that he should never try to play tennis inside the court
– because he could get arrested.

Tennis scoring would probably never change
– because it’s been around like that for so long, and now it’s just set in its ways.

The walls in this tennis factory are so thin, that when I try to get some work done, all I hear is people making a racquet.

What time should I book the court?
– Letโ€™s shoot for around tennish.

Tennis scoring will never change
– because it has been around for decades and set in those ways.

The walls of the tennis factory are really thin.
– Whenever I try to get any work done there, I just hear all the people making a racquet.

I never used to like tennis. Then my friend roped me into playing, and I love it now.

I know my shot was in. But I wonโ€™t argue,
– because Iโ€™m not up for the challenge.

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