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Ice puns in 2024

 I found a dollar bill frozen in ice; it was cold hard cash.

Enjoy the ice of life.

What do you call kids when they’re out ice skating?
-You can call them chill-dren.

I saw a slow skier earlier in the snow; I guess you could say a slope-poke.

The frost this morning froze my gnomes into an odd stance, icy pose.

Don’t trust big changes in the weather.
-It’s just a front at best.

The only way to stop the snow from giving you cold feet is by ensuring you don’t go around brr-footed.

The pirate was sad when the parrot left; it gave him the cold shoulder.

Why do bees prefer to stay in their hives in winter?
– ‘Swarm.

It was just one dollar to enter the ice rink, what a cheapskate.

I’ve been there once or ice.

Why did Dracula take cold medicine in winter?
-To stop his coffin.

I’m such a rebel; I eat spring rolls during the cold winter months.

It was so frosty this morning that I opened the fridge to heat the house.

Just-ice is a dish best served cold. I
– If it were warm, it would just be

 When the snow boy fought with the snow girl, the latter gave him the cold shoulder.

 Do birds know when it’s cold and they have to head south for winter, or do they just wing it every time?

Where do seals go to see movies in the cold weather?
-To the best dive-in around.

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