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Ice puns ๐ŸงŠ in 2021

Iโ€™m such a rebel; I eat spring rolls during the cold winter months.

It was so frosty this morning that I opened the fridge to heat the house.

Just-ice is a dish best served cold. I
– If it were warm, it would just be

ย When the snow boy fought with the snow girl, the latter gave him the cold shoulder.

ย Do birds know when itโ€™s cold and they have to head south for winter, or do they just wing it every time?

Where do seals go to see movies in the cold weather?
-To the best dive-in around.

When someone wishes me a happy winter, it always leaves me cold.

Hi, have an ice day.

Why are colds useless criminals?
-Because theyโ€™re easy to catch.

The cold winter was harsh on the trees, but by spring, they were re-leafed.

When my ice house breaks Igloo it back together!

I fell over on the ice earlier.
-Nobody helped me, so I gave them all the cold shoulder.

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