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Lawyer puns in 2024

The lawyer won the luggage lawsuit in less than 6 hours. It turned out to be a brief case.

I will sue you for the lost opportunity to find myself instead of thinking about you every day.

What’s bad about advocate jokes?
– Advocates don’t find it humorous and other individuals don’t believe they’re jokes.

What’s a lawyer’s least favorite cheese?
– Pro-vlono

A photograph hurriedly rushed into his attorney’s office and screamed, “I think someone is framing me!”.

Excuse me, are you into reverse bifurcation?

My lawyer is not an unsmart guy.
– His earnings come from my offenses.

Tailor: you said the there was one hole the pocket only, there are definitely more!
– Lawyer: I lied, sew me!

A lawyer went to his local restaurant to wind down after a complicated trial. “What would you like with your orange juice?”, the waiter asked. “Just ice”, he replied.

Are you a lawyer?
– Because you’re the proseCUTEST

The police knocked over a man’s lamp while searching his apartment for clues related to a robbery. “That wasn’t warranted!”, he exclaimed.

A young advocate expired and reached heaven (astonishing we know!).

Right at this moment, we can become lawyers who will defend all our love from any conflict.

Can I get your number?
– One call, that’s all.

Why did the lawyer have so much trouble fighting Santa’s case?
– He came with a clause.

What separates an advocate and a trampoline?
– Your shoes are taken off by you before jumping on a trampoline.

Why did the strawberry get a lawyer?
– ‘Cause it was in a jam!

Is that an amicus curiae, or are you just happy to see me?

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