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Chemistry puns in 2024

 Chlorine came to sodium and told her, “You complete me!”

Believe it or not, alcohols are homogeneous solutions, but it would be better if you don’t mix them up!

On his wedding anniversary, the chemist left a lovely card for his wife with the words, “Whenever I think of you, my heart bubbles.”

 We should never be trustful of atoms because they make up everything.

The stand-up comedian cracked some terrible chemistry jokes.
– He got a bad reaction from the audience.

The chemistry professor couldn’t see what was inside the beaker as it was Mt (Meitnerium).

I told my friends a chemistry joke, but they had no reaction to it.

We can easily differentiate between a chemist and a plumber just by asking them to pronounce ‘unionized’.

When the chemist died, his colleagues dug a grave to barium!

We had the chemistry department athletic meet today.
-My friend was confident of winning the 100m race, but I warned him, “Victory is bromine!”

When Iron Man visited the amusement park, he went straight for his favorite ride
-the ferrous wheel.

The thermometer congratulated the graduated cylinder but reminded him that he still had many more degrees than him.

A photon went on a vacation, but he had no luggage.
-When asked why, he replied, “I carry light”.

The new student who joined our class said, “I was forced to choose chemistry as the other subjects argon”.

The element which signifies that trees are going to shed their leaves is Gold because it’s Au-tumn!

When Magnesium saw Oxygen, he said, “I was sure there was some chemical reaction between you and me
-OMg, I was right!”

When I went to the chemist’s shop, I asked the assistant about the drugs that can get rid of a viral infection.
-He replied, “Ammonia cleaner.”

I went to the local convenience store to buy some utensils for my kitchen.
-The shopkeeper said, “I zinc I know what you need!”

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