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Chemistry puns ๐Ÿงช in 2022

The calm reagent told the angry reagent to stop over-reacting.

Avoid eating or biting elements in their raw state.
– They can leave a tungsten!

When the copper wanted to know aluminum’s problem, aluminum warned him not to metal in other’s lives.

My bright chemist brother received his wedding photons quite late.

ย The authorities couldn’t put a shackle on forest fires, because the combustion was a chain reaction.

The double-bonded covalent compound was drowning.
– He cried out, “I’m diene”. His friend said, “I’m triene to save you.”

ย Chlorine came to sodium and told her, “You complete me!”

Believe it or not, alcohols are homogeneous solutions, but it would be better if you don’t mix them up!

On his wedding anniversary, the chemist left a lovely card for his wife with the words, “Whenever I think of you, my heart bubbles.”

ย We should never be trustful of atoms because they make up everything.

The stand-up comedian cracked some terrible chemistry jokes.
– He got a bad reaction from the audience.

The chemistry professor couldn’t see what was inside the beaker as it was Mt (Meitnerium).

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