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Chemistry puns ๐Ÿงช in 2022

When I asked my mother why my father was coming home late from work recently, she replied that he was under a lot of pressure lately at the mines.

ย If you want to calculate the number of moles in guacamole, then you will have to refer to the Avocado’s number!

ย Chemistry teachers everywhere like to talk about ammonia while introducing students to chemistry because it is base-ic stuff.

I heard that the first date with potassium that oxygen went to turned out fine.
-The second time that oxygen went on a date with potassium was OK2.

When performing an exothermic experiment, it’s okay to feel the heat!

The ruler of Prussia advocated advancements in chemistry as he ruled with an ion fist.

The calm reagent told the angry reagent to stop over-reacting.

Avoid eating or biting elements in their raw state.
– They can leave a tungsten!

When the copper wanted to know aluminum’s problem, aluminum warned him not to metal in other’s lives.

My bright chemist brother received his wedding photons quite late.

ย The authorities couldn’t put a shackle on forest fires, because the combustion was a chain reaction.

The double-bonded covalent compound was drowning.
– He cried out, “I’m diene”. His friend said, “I’m triene to save you.”

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