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Chemistry puns ๐Ÿงช in 2023

he little atom was a naughty boy who kept shouting at his little brother.
-So the father atom scolded him by saying, “You should never shout atom of your voice like that.”

The hard turning in the highways are the most oxidant prone area.
-So you should drive with caution.

The best thing about chemistry is, it is like a family.
-Everyone is well bonded with one another!

Chemists favor nitrates because they are way more affordable than the day rates.

After the fight ensued between the two students on who would win the platinum prize for the chemistry quiz, the quizmaster commented that this was petty.
-The chemistry teacher corrected him and said, “No, it is Pt.”

The acid was disliked by everyone.
-He was A-mean-o acid.

We should not drink water while we are studying because water can dilute our concentration.

ย I never thought that plan for lunch with my chemist buddies was at neon today.

When the chemist dropped his tooth in a beaker of water, he wittily commented that it had become a molar solution.

ย The chemistry teacher survived through the drought because he subsisted on titration.

I like to tell a chemistry pun to my colleagues at the University.
-Sometimes, I even throw in one or two chemistry jokes, but I only do that periodically.

The police would have caught the chemist who robbed the bank if only the bank security had scandium before.

I once needed a little money, so I approached my aunt.
-I simply said, “Anti-mony!”

During the chemistry exam, my friend asked me whether I had some Sodium Hypobromite.
-I told him, “NaBrO.”

The chemist did not want to publish his cringy chemistry joke on Facebook as he thought he would get a volatile reaction.

Our Chemistry department hired a number of analysts to study the various experiments.
-Little did they know that they need catalysts and not analysts!

ย The ice came up to the water and said, “I was water before it was cool”.

Oxygen wanted to date someone mature, so the other elements suggested that she should go carbon dating.

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