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Ball puns ⚽🏐 in 2023

It is the time for election BALLS

I just like BALL as well as hand some guys

Your child is BALLING on the floor from here to there

Have you ever learnt about the A – BALL corals in geography

My daughter pointed at a big plastic ball with a famous kids cartoon explorer on it….
– I said, “That’s A DORA BALL!”

When infants learn to walk then they just keep BALLING from one place to another

I am going to BALL for shopping

I keep thinking about doing the lottery…
– But I don’t think I’d have the balls to win it.

You look so pretty just like a Barbie BALL

I actually purchase all my groceries from the BALL which is at a walking distance from my house

What is the French term for blue balls?
– Sack Le Bleu

You are my Barbie BALL

This would be my BALL in this flat

Why can you only get castrated once ?
– Because you don’t have the balls to do it a second time.

She wants a Barbie BALL and a BALL house too

I bought a flat which is one bedroom BALL and kitchen

Cinderella always got kicked off of the girls’ lacrosse team. Probably because she had the habit of running away from the ball.

I BALLED you last night but you did not received my call

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