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Ball puns in 2024

This would be my BALL in this flat

Why can you only get castrated once ?
– Because you don’t have the balls to do it a second time.

She wants a Barbie BALL and a BALL house too

I bought a flat which is one bedroom BALL and kitchen

Cinderella always got kicked off of the girls’ lacrosse team. Probably because she had the habit of running away from the ball.

I BALLED you last night but you did not received my call

I studied about the Great BALL of China in my history books

Every football player goes to a particular place when they want to buy new uniforms. They go to New Jersey.

Why do tennis players bounce the ball ?
It serves a purpose.

I was BALLING you so urgently but your number was off

Humpty Dumpty sat on a BALL

I threw my dog a ball…
Yeah, it’s a bit extravagant, but it was his birthday, and he looks great in a dinner jacket.

I was so much in need of money so I BALLED you yesterday

Humpty Dumpty had a great BALL

This makes a bit more sense if you watched Dragon Ball Super. Goku went from Super Saiyan…
– To Super Cyan.

Did you gave me a BALL on my number last night

Her hands are so so BALL and thus they seem to be more cute

Have you ever smelled moth balls?
– I can’t get one that’ll spread his legs for me.

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