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Thanksgiving puns ๐Ÿฆƒ in 2023

Knock, knock! Whoโ€™s there? Arthur. Arthur
who? Arthur any leftovers?

Donโ€™t be bitter, have more butter

[Pecan Pie] Yes pecan.

Gobble ’til you wobble.

50 shades of gravy

Happy Fall, Yโ€™all!

I only have pies for you.

Fowl on the play. Not saying grace
before dinner.

What do Thanksgiving and Halloween have
in common? Gobble-ins

“Piece out.” (As you take off with leftover pie)

Leggings, leaves, and lattes

Buckle up for a great Thanksgiving, pilgrim.

Getting the longer part of the wishbone is a snap.

Pour some gravy on me

Merry Black Friday Eve!

“I pecan’t even.” (Oh, yes, you pe-can.)

Poul-tree on Thursday, Christmas Tree
on Friday.

What do you call a small cup at Thanksgiving
A Gobble-let

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