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Baseball puns ⚾ in 2022

You know, I’ve never needed a third base coach to wave me home.

Why are singers good at baseball?…
– Because they have perfect pitch!

You make my heart as spongey as the A’s infield

The baseball player made a clean move with the girl but then he struck out.

I don’t field like football today, and besides,
– baseball is a batter game!

What a screwball…

Are you Anthony Recker because I just wanna let you pull my dinger

Baseball is known for its pitched battles.

What has 18 legs and catches flies?
– A baseball team!

He could play baseball, football, basketball, soccer and tennis. He was a jock of all trades.

You don’t get it? Or are you just Yankee my chain, you knuckle head?
– In any case, it’s been a ball and it kept me in stitches — even if you didn’t contribute your usual a mound. Maybe I’ll catch a single episode of The Simpsons before I go to sleep. I really like Homer.

I hope you’re good at catching cause I’m starting to fall for you.

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