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Color puns 🟢🔴🔵 in 2022

What do you call someone with a very colorful personality?
– A hue-man

I had gradient expectations on him of being a good artist,
– but it was all in vain!

What color is your Afghan?
– My afghan is tan.

What do you do if a piece of purple fruit gets stuck in the drain and clogs it?
– Call the plumber.

Blackboards love drinking beverages, especially hot white chalk-olate!

After completing the deadline just in the nick of time, the artist breathed a cyan of relief.

I recently ran a charity marathon to promote greener earth, but the run left me a little jaded.

Have you ever seen a red toad? They turn that color when they eat red mushrooms.
If you don’t believe me, just go check some toadstool.

My favorite denim blue jeans just turned brown. I think I will have to call it Dung-arees!

The hardware store just told me they didn’t have any intermediate paint colors between green and violet.
– That was out of the blue.

I ate some food coloring the other day and didn’t feel well. I went to the doctor but he told me I was fine.
I still feel like I dyed on the inside.

I don’t trust artists
– They’re always so sketchy

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