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Dinosaur puns ๐Ÿฆ– in 2023

Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.

Our local museum has opened a brand new dinosaur exhibit.
-I don’t know if it will be popular or not. That remains to be seen.

Do you think anything could tricera-top these dinosaur puns?
-I dino what to tell you, but probably not.

What dinosaur canโ€™t you hear go to the bathroom?
-All of them, theyโ€™re all dead.

What do you call a dinosaur who won’t stop rambling?
-A dino-bore!

What do you call it when a dinossaur has a car accident?
-A tyrannosaurus wreck!

A sight for saur eyes.

Why did the dinosaur have a full intension to meet a lofty goal in a certain timeframe?
-Heโ€™s very ambiceous.

What do you call twin dinosaurs?

Whatโ€™s a sailorโ€™s favorite dinosaur?
-The mast-odon.

I dino what to tell ya.

Why was the dinosaur feeling self-conscious around his wife?
-He has reptile dysfunction.

What do you call a T.Rex who canโ€™t accept defeat?
-A saur loser.

What do you call a polite Dinosaur?
-A Pleaseyosaur

What do you call a dinosaur fart?
-An exstinktion!

What is the scariest type of dinosaur?
-A Terror-dactyl.

Sticks out like a saur thumb.

Why does this guy dinosaur have a thing for girl dinosaurs that are on the thicker side?
-Because he likes them to be curvaceous.

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