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Orange puns in 2024

We are going rind in circles.

I would go to the party, but I’m just not feeling my zest.

STORANGER things is actually one of my most favourite web series

How did you ORANGED this

Did you hear the news? Absolutely a-peel-ing!

These ORANGEMENTS I bought from Rajasthan when I went their for a trip last month

You look like you’re zest for success.

What is the FRUIT cause of your problem

This dress just FRUITS you so well

Have you watched that series on Netflix named as STORANGER Things

You’ve got a bit of a pip on your shoulder.

Peel the burn.

You made such beautiful ORANGEMENTS

Have you ever seen a JUICE bird in your life

All of you must bend down on your SQUEEZE

I’m at a bit of a juice end.

Could you please buy me those black FRUITS to wear with my red dress

Would you like to have some chicken ORANGE

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