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Chocolate puns in 2024

The reason he went smiling all the way to the jail is because the judge sentenced him to a life behind chocolate bars.

Q: Why did black chocolate cry over his wine glass?
– A: Because it was his bitter half.

The monkey that comes over at our place loves chocolate chimp.

The Oreo decided to go to the dentist. It was because it lost it’s filling.

They gave us some mint chocolates last night for dessert at the prison. I thought it’d be gross, but they were pretty good. As it turns out, in-prison-mint isn’t that bad.

In life, the rule of thumb is, don’t bite more than you can chew unless it is chocolate.

Why did the donut visit the dentist?
– He needed a chocolate filling.

The chocolate couple got married, and they decided to rent a one-bedroom sweet on their summer honeymoon.

Once I was trying to open a Mars bar. I then discovered that Martians don’t go out for drinks.

A company once started making cat-shaped chocolates. They named it Kit Cat.

Q: What do you get when you dip a kitten in chocolate?
– A: A Kitty Kat bar.

What’s the best part of Valentine’s Day?
– The day after when all the chocolate goes on sale.

A monkey’s favorite cookies are Chocolate Chimps.

One day all the chocolate bars planned and executed a surprise birthday party for their friend. They just wanted to hear “Wow! Oh, Henry! This is wonderful.”

Two wafers fell into a vat of chocolate. The first one pulled the second one out. the second one said, “Thanks, you’re a lifesaver!” The first one said, “Actually, I’m a Kit Kat.”

I’m chocolate to my appointment!

Q: What was Valentine’s favorite dessert for the French cat?
– A: Chocolate mousse

The electrician’s favorite ice cream flavor is shock-a-lot.

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