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Paper puns ๐Ÿ“œ in 2022

What is a belt made of cardboard called?
– A waist of paper.

I recently found out you can recycle newspapers.
I am sorry if that’s old news to you.

The Terminator found the toilet paper in Aisle B, Back.

A cop pulled me over and said “Papers”.
– I yelled “Scissors” and drove off.

Ever wondered why a piece of paper never wins a race?
– Because paper is stationary.

I made a paper plane last night and was about to make it fly when my brother said he wants the A4 seat.

Mother paper has to do everything for her family.
Her daughter tried to take some of the jobs off her but she doesn’t shred.

I saw an advert in the paper โ€œYacht for saleโ€.
– As if people dont know what a yacht is for.

How does toilet paper feel at the end of a long week?
– It feels really wiped.

What did the sad paperclip say to his friend?
– I’m barely holding myself together.

The new movie on graph papers is a disappointment.
The plot is very much predictable and the special f(x) isn’t that great either.

Never trust math teachers who use graph paper.
– They’re definitely plotting something.

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