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Paper puns ๐Ÿ“œ in 2023

Why was the toilet paper unstoppable?
– Because it was on a roll.

Who scares a paper the most?
– A Scissor.

I watched a movie that is about a lone piece of graph paper.
It was fine but I felt the plot was scattered.

A really spicy paper is called black pepper.

What can you call the increasing price of toilet paper?
– A rip-off.

A newspaper company was about to go out of business.
– It was de-pressed.

I prefer writing on pages that have margins.
– Blank pages are where I have to draw the line.

We were so poor that all we had for toilet paper was a calendar…
– Now those days are behind me.

What did a piece of paper say to a binder?
– I love you a hole punch.

Due to the pandemic, we ran out of toilet papers and had to use newspaper. The Times are tough.

I can’t find a very important paper that I have to submit.
I will have to re-search the paper.

I asked my Granddaughter to give me the newspaper. She said that newspapers are so out of date, and that people now use tablets, so she handed me her iPad.
– That Fly didn’t stand a chance.

How do you recycle toilet paper?
– Carefully, with gloves on!

What’s the similarity between a joke and a paper bag?
– Both can be recycled.

There’s a similarity between my jokes and a piece of paper.
They are both tearable.

I wanted to watch a drawing competition
– but it folded. It was on paper view.

What do you call someone who is really tired of playing card games?
– Cardboard.

Last week I read about the likelihood of a manmade global catastrophe.
– It was on Newsday clock.

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