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Kitchen puns 🍽️👩‍🍳 in 2023

I have a high shelf in my kitchen to store meat. It’s safe to say… The steaks are high.

Me and a couple of friends went camping. Sitting beside the bonfire and telling stories is customary. However, we all need to be-ef frank with one another!

Let the good times roll.

I work in a kitchen and my colleague threw a satchet of salt at me and said
You’ve just been a-salted

At an Australian cooking show, the audience wasn’t a fan of the head chef preparing meringue. I was utterly shocked to know that Australians boo meringue!

A food critic visited an Indian restaurant and wanted to check how the bread was prepared. The owner declared it would not be a problem if the critic signed a naan-disclosure first!

If you’re making good prawn dishes, you’ll need a good apron.

You’re quite a dish!

The barman in the pub looked over at me said, “Your glass is empty. Fancy another one?” ” Why would I want two empty glasses?” I asked

As the young boy was about to join a culinary school, his father advised him not to give in to pear pressure!

I get a thrill out of stealing kitchen utensils
I’m a whisk taker

There’s a lot at steak here.

If you cross a waitress and a chef, you will end up with a cold meal!

From my 70 year old dad: I hung up a map of the US in the kitchen and gave my wife a dart. I told her we would go on a two week vacation wherever she stuck the dart.
Looks like we’ll be spending two weeks behind the fridge.

3 domesticated Rams are in the kitchen, labelled A, B & C
If you put a pumpkin on ram A, nothing happens. If you put a pumpkin on ram B you get the same result.

But if you put a pumpkin on Ram C it starts knocking things off counters, making a mess and abusing the kitchen staff.

I guess that is what happens when you put a gourd on ram c in the kitchen.

If you pay for your kitchen remodel with fake bills…
You’re counterfeiting the counter fitter.

I downloaded a colander app instead of a calendar and now my battery keeps draining.

Wife is frying a lot of mushrooms in a tiny pan. Me: Doesn’t look like you have mushroom left in there

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