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Rock puns ⛰️ in 2023

Why did the tectonic plates break up?
-It wasn’t her fault, but there was just too much friction between them.

Rock was magma before it was cool.

I’m not really hungry
-I’ve lost my apatite.

The two tectonic plates just couldn’t keep up the relationship anymore
-said there was too much friction between them.

What is the most favourite band of rocks?
-It is The Rolling Stones.

 I may be obsessed with rocks, but that’s my pre-rock-ative.

 Some puns just fluorite over my head.

Recently, our geo teacher lost a large chunk of schist rock from his office.
-You should have heard him yelling about someone taking a schist in the lab.

I’ve had a rough day, but I don’t want to chalk about it.

I’ve hit rock bottom.

What’s a miner’s favorite type of food?
-Nothing but b-rock-olli.

Geologists love music, but their playlists get boring
-they’re only rock and roll.

Have a gneiss day.

When is it the only time you’re allowed to throw rocks at girls?
-Only when its diamonds.

I really hate rock puns.
-My sediments exactly.

You know the old saying
– igneous is bliss.

Who is a geologist’s favorite band?
-The Rolling Stones.

You know, it’s totally my fault that the conversation here is eroding, that was never what I sediment.

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