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Rock puns ⛰️ in 2022

I’m coal as a cucumber!

What do you call a rock that never goes to school?
-A skipping stone!

 I’ve always wanted to become a rock specialist or geologist, until I recently found out how crowded the field is (you know, coz there’s so many of them these days).

Why was the geologist always depressed?
-He had a hard rock life.

It’s a hard rock life for us.

This foundation is rock salad.

Why don’t geologists have many children?
-Because most of their relationships are strictly plutonic.

Did you see the geologist towing a crate of rocks behind his car?
– He had a wide lode sign.

Leave no stone unturned.

That’s it folks, I’m running low on rock puns, so I’ll call it quits before I hit rock bottom.

Not to quarry
– you’ll do great on your science exam!

My rocks are gneiss, don’t take them for granite.

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