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Rock puns ⛰️ in 2023

Why did the tectonic plates break up?
-It wasn’t her fault, but there was just too much friction between them.

Rock was magma before it was cool.

The tectonic plates just couldn’t maintain a relationship
-there was too much friction between them.

What did the metamorphic rock say during the test?
-This is too much pressure!

 If you’re going to claim to be the best stone mason, the least you could do is have some concrete proof.

Whatever you do, always keep your coal.

Rock candy

I once saw a beautiful sandstone formation, but most people take it for granite.

May the quartz be with you!

May the Quartz be with you.

I once met a stoner who always complained about losing his apatite
-that’s a massive lode of schist is you ask me.

A tour of a volcano would really magma day.

How did the geology student drown?
-His grades were below C-level.

Alright, here’s a good one. So, how on earth did cave men know what time it was?
-By using the simple method of app-rocks-immation.

That rock was magma before it was cool, know what I mean?

Between a rock and a hard place.

“what?” Asked sherrocks partner. ”
-“Sedimentary, my dear rockson!” Replied sherrock

Beach rocks are so cheap because they’re always on shale.

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