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Anime puns in 2022

Why does nobody joke about rock type or ground type Pokemon?
– Because their jokes have reached rock bottom.

What is the favorite thing of a Titan to eat?
– Rawmen.

Frieza is cool, but his brother is cooler.

I have a question for you anime fans.
– Is fansub the opposite of fandom?

What do you tell an anime character that’s turned into a pigeon?
– Go Coo

What would you call an anime with a really confusing storyline?
– A Nanimae.

Why are the soldiers’ Titan killing blades in ‘Attack on Titan’ extremely strong?
– Because they are made of Titan-ium.

I dont believe in hitting my children as punishment-
– So i send them to school wearing crocs and anime shirts and let other kids beat them instead

Would you guys mind if I made anime jokes?
– Good, cause I’m not stopping my danganron-puns anytime soon!

What is common between Light from ‘Death Note’ and a lift?
– They are both L-evaders.

What happens when you chop a monkey’s tail off?
– He becomes just a vegeta-ble.

What does Deku put on the walls during Christmas?
– Deku-rations.

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