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Anime puns in 2023

What anime do you get when you mix a melon and a collie?
– ‘The Melon-collie of Haruhi Suzumiya.’

What is common between Light from ‘Death Note’ and a lift?
– They are both L-evaders.

What happens when you chop a monkey’s tail off?
– He becomes just a vegeta-ble.

What does Deku put on the walls during Christmas?
– Deku-rations.

I like cutting up broccoli because…
– It makes me feel like a giant, wielding a tiny anime sword, cutting down tiny trees..

What would we call a war on one of saterns moons…..

Why does Miso not like the world anymore?
– Because there is no Light.

What would you call a drowning Titan?
– A Titanic.

What is Wall-E’s favorite anime series?
– It is Eva-ngelion.

What do you call an anime fan blowing in the wind?
– A tumble weeb

What do you call French people who like manga and anime?
– Ouibs.

How many characters does it take to screw and fix a light bulb in ‘Dragon Ball Z’?
– Only one. But it will take 6 episodes.

What do you get when you cross a Sailor with a Cow?
– Sailor Moo.

Who would most likely call anime Chinese cartoon?
– A Chinese

My School’s Anime Club Started A Band To Play Reggae
– Weeby jammin’.

Why did Saitama get fired from his job when working in the railways as a conductor?
– Because he had to punch a ticket.

Why did Vegeta not visit the beach with everyone?
– Because there was a hole in his Trunks.

What type of novels does L like?
– Light Novel.

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