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Mouse puns in 2024

A mystery mouse that doesn’t like to have his identity known is called the anony-mouse.

How did the mice in the house communicate when the homeowner got a cat?
– The mice communicated by using Mouse Code of dots, dashes, and squeaks.

What do you call a mouse that is very tech-savvy?
– A computer mouse.

Someone told me that the local police have added a mouse to their animal team, but I think it’s actually a gerbil shepherd.

I mouse ask you a question…

As soon as it was mid-December, the mice started exchanging cross-mouse cards among each other.

What did the pastor say to the mouse who hadn’t visited the Church for quite a long period of time?
– “I want to talk to you about Cheesus.”

What is Mickey Mouse’s favorite gadget for browsing the net and watching videos online?
– An iPad Minnie!


You wanna hear about Cheeses?

Edward Scissorhands does not like to use the computer mouse at all. He goes for the shortcut keys.

Why was the mouse thrown out of the exam hall when the exam was in process?
– Because he was cheesing.

I lost my pet mouse Elvis the other night. He was caught in a trap.


Mice love to stay inside when the sky is all cloudy
– because it can rain cats and dogs outside.

What did the mouse and his wife do after they fought over who will eat the cheese?
– They compro-miced and had half of it each.

What do you call a mouse that plays videogames all day?
– A gaming mouse.

I saw an opera about a rodent that goes round letting the air out of tyres. Deflator Mouse.

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