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Name puns in 2023

Caterine is a feline take on a beautiful female name.

Veronicat is a playful version of the popular human name Veronica.

Santa Claws is a festive cat name based on Father Christmas himself.

Juliet Catulet is a romantic name for the lovers of Romeo and Juliet.

Don Drapurr is the feline take on the name of a favorite ‘Mad Men’ character.

Arcadia is the perfect name for nature-loving cats.

Polka Dot is a witty name for cats that have patches on their body.

Luke Skywhisker is a playful version of a character in ‘Star Wars’.

 Nimbus Cloud is great for grey cats.

Cindy Clawford is a suitable name for photogenic cats.

Whispurr is suitable for cats who keep on purring.

Santa Paws is another great festive cat name.

Kitkat is the perfect name for cats with a sweet tooth.

Freddy Krueger is a good name for cats with big claws.

Blue Iris is a name inspired by a shade of blue.

Puma Thurman  is a playful name based on the name of a famous actress.

Meow is the perfect name based on your cats’ favorite word.

Niagara is a playful name related to the famous Niagara Falls, which are blue.

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