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Name puns in 2023

Fleas Witherspoon is the perfect name for cats who love to act.

Catastrophe is the perfect name for the cat who causes chaos.

Wolverine is a suitable name for cats who scratch a lot.

Meowly Cyrus is the perfect name for Miley Cyrus fans.

Harry Houdini is a good name for all the disappearing cats.

Fushia Rose is a beautiful name for pink lovers’ cats.

Catalie Portman is a playful version of a cat name after the actress Natalie Portman.

Sinead O’Collar is perfect for the cats who love to sing.

Pepe Le Paw is a great name for black cats with white stripes.

Tigerlily is one of the best cat names for Lily lovers.

Furgie a furry name for performer cats.

Catatonic is the appropriate name for a sleepy head cat.

William Catner is based on a popular actor’s name.

Mrs. Feasely is a nickname for cats based on a TV character from ‘Family Affairs’.

James A Garfield is a mixed name based on a US president and popular comic character.

 Holly Berry is a playful name for cats who love berries or were born at Christmas time.

Cat Benatar is the perfect name for cats who do lonely meows

Tabbytha is a playful name for cats based on the female name Tabitha.

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