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Head Puns in 2022

My wife threw a block of cheddar at my head I said “Well that’s mature.”

How does big head Gary wears a shirt? He steps into it.

If your boat turns upside down in the river, you can wear it on your head…
cuz it is capsized…

My head hurt and I had a really runny nose during math class I think i had a sin(x) infection.

You can either act like an adult orchid.

What do you call dental x-rays? TOOTH PICS!

My dad told me to finish his bird painting. He painted the head, torso and legs. To be honest, I just winged it.

My friend always wanted to be famous but when he finally managed it for having the first brain transplant, it really went to his head!

Whatever you do, do not let Luke Skywalker see your head, he may fly his spaceship into your ear.

A pile of books fall onto Sean Connery’s head He exclaims: “I only have my shelf to blame!

What did the Mexican fireman name his two twins? HOSE A AND HOSE B

Why did “Star Wars” episodes 4, 5, and 6 come before 1, 2, and 3? BECAUSE IN CHARGE OF SCHEDULING YODA WAS!

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