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Sandwich puns ๐Ÿฅช in 2022

Do you fancy being a sandwich model?
– Yes, I sub pose I would.

I don’t eat chess sandwiches, because they’re such a stalemate.

Over and over a grain.

I asked my wife to make me a sandwich.
– She said, โ€œPoof youโ€™re a sandwich.โ€

My friend asked me if we could end lunch after I was done my sandwich. I took one more bite and then said…
– “Actually, that’s a wrap!”

The man walked in to the restaurant and ordered a rubber band sandwich.
– He preferred it snappy.

It’s crazy! We always finish each other’s sandwiches.

Butter late than never.

What did the grilled cheese sandwich say to their date?
– You make me melt.

The bacon told the tomato,
– โ€œLettuce get together.โ€

When the sandwich broke up with his bread girlfriend,
– he told her, you deserve butter.

From your bread to your toes.

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