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Grape puns in 2024

A grape met with an accident. His mother in the hospital said, “I hope the doctors gave him some medicine so that he doesn’t wine”.

My sister swapped her 100 grapes with my 50 raisins. We both weren’t aware of the currant exchange rate.

Although the chardonnay is not really considered champagne, it’s still wine.

You did a grape job
– Raisin me

Did you hear about the grape that betrayed his country?
– He committed traisin

If we are what we eat, then eat dried grapes. We all should be the products of our raisin.

Me and my fellow wine drinkers always discover the next best brands by way of the grapevine.

New Rape Flavour

My friend always has a bunch of grapes drying in his backyard. When I asked, he said, “I have my own raisins”.

People need to know the benefits of eating dried grapes. We all should be raisin awareness.

Tina is definitely a wine enthusiast, the more wine she drinks, the more enthusiastic she gets.

What did the grape do when he got stepped on?
– He let out a wine.

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
– Breathe, damn it! Breathe!

“Why do you like my music so much?” The grape asked his fans.
The fans responded: “Because your music just raisinates with us!”
Laughing off the pun his fans had just made, the grape replied:
– “Well, that’s raisinable!”

Betty was hammered at the wedding reception because every time the waiter asked to refill her drink she would say “wine not”.

If you could rehydrate the raisins
– That would be grapes

I got lost during my parent’s wine tasting, and I said, “If anyone could lead me to my parents, that would be grape,” everyone just started laughing.

Scientists published a paper on grapes, consciousness and fruit rights.
– It is basically all about raisin awareness.

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