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Grape puns 🍇 in 2023

A grape walked into a fruit mixer and didn’t even thank the mixer for not squishing it. He was quite an ungrapeful one.

How did the grape get to be so wise?
– By raisin awareness

Billy drank so much wine at the night club that when he walked across that dance floor to get more wine, he won that dance competition.

Alexander the Grape

My friends asked me why I hang my grapes outside to dry
– I told them, “I have my raisins.”

My brother achieved grapeness by successfully making grape jelly.

Please don’t give me any more reason to wine.

How do you grow
– A seedless grape?

My friend is making a song about preserves. He says it is his currant jam.

What do you put as one of the Instagram captions on the day that you have grapes in the morning?
– Have a grape day.

Wine a little, laugh a lot.

Grapes don’t cry when they’re crushed
– But they do wine

My kid asked me if they could have a Grape PowerAde
– I told them “With Grape PowerAde comes Grape Responsibility.”

The raisin suddenly stopped in between the road. I think he completely ran out of his juice.

Did you read the book about Manhattan’s fanciest wine room?
– It’s a New York Times best-cellar!

When you get wine hangover it’s called
– The grape depression

I saw a grape who loves being in the sun. I think it was his raisin d’etre.

My dad calls a hangover the wrath of the grapes. My mother lets him rest on those days.

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