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Grape puns 🍇 in 2023

A grape wanted to go out in the sun, the others in the bunch said, “You are being unraisinable.”

Two fresh grapes met at the beach and fell in love. Soon they were raisin kids.

Everything happens for a riesling.

Stop smiling! What do you think you are, some fun guy
– Shucks yer just sour grapes

What does (do?) a spider and a grape have in common?
– Everything, except one has 8 legs and the other is a grape.

My sister held grapes in her hand and happily said to our mom one of the popular funny grape quotes, “I love you a bunch”.

That annoying raisin just wined about how he could never achieve true grapeness.

Grapes of wrath

My friend once had to present an essay in the history class. He started, “Many grapes were berried alive during the grape depression” he loves grapes a little too much, I think.

Why did the grape get disqualified from the limbo championship. He kept raisin the bar.

You’re wine in a million.

Why was the man not bothered or upset that someone had stolen all his dried grapes?
– He had no raisons to be…

People ask me why I hate grapes
– I have my raisins

Have you guys tried out the New Mexican white wine yet?
– It’s a Pinot Gringo.

What do you call a spittoon in a wine bar?
– Grape expectorations.

My brother likes stepping on the grapes and squishing them. He believes it is his jam.

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
– Breathe man! Damnit, breathe!

The only pour decision we see here is that spilled wine.

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