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Grape puns 🍇 in 2022

The grape teacher loved teaching. When we asked her how she manages, she said, “Teaching is my jam”, she truly is a grape.

A grape walked into a fruit mixer and didn’t even thank the mixer for not squishing it. He was quite an ungrapeful one.

Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty grape!
– Planet of the Grapes

Why are squashed grapes so sensitive?
– They always let out a little wine.

Grape dried?
– It’s okay, everything happens for a raisin.

If it were up to me, I would re-wine this day, I swear.

I feel so happy I want to dance and do pirouettes.
I hope that whoever eats me will be filled with energy and joy!
I want to hug you!
– The Grapes of Happiness.

My brother was choking on a grape, so he stood still, concentrated a bit, and concord it.

Ran into dried grape at the gym today. He sure was raisin’ some weights.

The savvy wine drinkers know that before they have a big party at their houses they always lock up those bottles in a wine cabernet.

Why couldn’t the grape help his friend move on Saturday?
– Because he was in a jam

I live for dried grapes.
They are my raisin d’etre…

A grape met with an accident. His mother in the hospital said:
– “I hope the doctors gave him some medicine so that he doesn’t wine”.

Did you hear about the dead grape
– It’s raisin hell

I accidentally crushed a few baby grapes. I didn’t mean to, but now they all started wine-ing.

I was walking by a kindergarden with my girlfriend, when she suddenly started throwing dry grapes at the kids.
– At that moment I knew she was good at raisin children.

It isn’t good to keep things bottled up.

There’s a green and purple grape.
– The green grape says to the purple grape, “Breathe, breathe!”

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