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Time puns ⏲️ in 2021

I bought five watches the other day.  I have a lot of time
on my hands….

The watch was skeptical of the story the clock was telling.
After all, it was second hand information.

What did the wall clock do after it stopped ticking? It just hanged around.

Why was the clock in the gazebo?it was a time -out.

They’re finally making a movie called clocks. It’s about time.

Hour you ?

How would I react if you get me an alarm clock as a gift? I’d be alarmed.

Whatever you do, don’t tick off the clock.

The bartender said “we don’t serve time travelers in this
establishment”. A time traveller walks into a bar.

Why would a tardy man stop and purchase a watch? Because he was hoping to buy time.

Got a new 24 clock yesterday and it’s broken already.  It only
lasted a day

What bugs are always found in old clocks? Ticks.

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