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Time puns in 2024

 I wanted to do some over time at work. So I put the clock
under my desk

I’ve been meaning to help my wife look for her missing watch,
but I can never find the time.

My sister was running out of time, so she bought a lot of watches. Now she has a lot of time on her hand.

Ever tried eating a clock? It’s very time consuming.

Why did the girl fling her clock off the roof? She wanted to see
time fly!

What will happen if you annoy a clock? It will get ticked off!

Why didn’t the clock work? It needed a hand

 I asked the boss if I could leave early and he said yes as long as I made up the time. I said ‘sure, it’s half past 13’.

Why should you never dress up as an alarm clock at a fancy dress party? People might end up winding you up.

Why did the man decide to shoot his alarm clock? He just felt
like killing some time.

Did you hear that they fired Jim from the watch shop even after all the extra time he put in?

My teacher said she would tell a great time travel joke yesterday.

tried to make a belt out of watches, but it was a waist of time

A clever clock is clockwise.

A teacher sent the clock to the principal’s office. The reason was, it kept tocking too much.

Why did the man sit on his clock? He wanted to be on time.

The robber broke into the clock shop and shouted ‘hands up’.

What would a watch ask the clock? “Hour you doing?”

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