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Crab puns ๐Ÿฆ€ in 2023

Why is the sand so quiet?
– Because the waves keeping going โ€œSsshhhhhhh!โ€

If a crab is a worker of a pizza parlor, which station would the crab work?
– The crust station.

A good crab joke is hard to crack!

The crab is telling his jokes, but nobody laughs because these are all crabby jokes.

Why do crabs never give waiters a tip?
– Because theyโ€™re shellfish!

How do crabs get around on land?
– They use the sidewalk!

Feel the pinch.

The crab will never share its food with other people because it has been known to be very shellfish.

I do not know why these crabs become angry quickly and leave the restaurant when I say: โ€œYou are just crabs!โ€

What is the most famous name for a lady crab?
โ€“ Miss-shell.

What is a crabs favourite fruit?
– Crab apples!

I shrimply donโ€™t like shellfish!

The crab and shrimp never leave a tip for the waiter. They are so shellfish!

Did you know about the psychic solitary crab?
– Makes shell-fulfilling visions.

What is the best job for a crab?
– A crab driver!

Where do crabs sleep?
– In water beds!

I used to look for shellfish at my local beach every day, until one day I pulled a mussel!

What is the easiest seafood that you can cat accidentally?
โ€“ Probably crabs!

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