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Egg puns ๐Ÿฅš in 2022

Donโ€™tย yolkย with me.

Happy Fry-day!

All the hens consider the chef to be very mean because he beats the eggs.

The eggs never get good TV reception in the hen house because the channels are always scrambled.

ย Imma let that slideโ€ฆright onto my plate.

ย The retired General would not color Easter eggs because he said that old soldiers never dye.

Weโ€™re egg-cited about these!


That mischievous little egg is known as a little practical yolker.

Youโ€™re poaching my bestย yolks.

The lazy hen laid her egg on an axe because she was hoping to hatchet early.

When none of the hens produced eggs, the farmer had some real eggsplaining to do to his customers.

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