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Physics puns ๐ŸŒ€ in 2022

Quantum Physics gives me a hadron.

I really liked learning about displacement in Physics.
– It’s pretty straight to the point

Why is it best to teach physics on the edge of a cliff? (Original joke)
– Because thatโ€™s where students have the most potential

Gravity is the most important topic of physics.
– If you remove it, you only have gravy

Physics teacher: James, what do you call the standard measurement of power?
– James: What?
– Teacher: Oh, I guess you were paying attention.

Physics puns are relatively easier to make

Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium?
– It went OK.

According to Einstein’s Theory of Relatives, the probability of in-laws visiting you is directly proportional to how much you feel like being left alone.

As I was leaving physics class, a classmate walked up to me and called me a nerd.
– What an accelerationโ€™.

Did you hear about the physics student that committed suicide by jumping off a skyscraper?
– What a shame. He had so much potential.

Physics is full of problems
– And chemistry is full of solutions

Did you hear about the neutron who was arrested?
– He was released without charge

Why did Werner Heisenberg detest driving cars?
– Because, every time he looked at the speedometer he got lost!

Why did the physics teacher only allow 3 VIPs to his party?
– Because he only wanted 3 significant figures.

I thought of a great joke about physics
– but it would probably Bohr most of you..

My quantum physics professor was really particular about how we wrote the symbols for our wave functions.
– She was a total Psi’s queen

I sit in front if my ex in physics.
– There used to be a lot of friction between us

Albert Einstein created many concepts for modern physics.
– His brother, Frank, however, created a monster.

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