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Cat puns in 2024

I’m just kitten around

Like my paw-jamas?

What’s a cat’s favorite button on the TV remote?
– Paws.

Remain paws-itive

Purr-haps you need more time

Paw-don me.

Oh, paw-lease

What is a pile of kittens called?
– A meowtain.

I’ve craving a purr-ito

You look fur-miliar.

You’re a cat-ch!

You are claw-fully cute

The rest is hiss-tory

What’s a cat’s favorite color?
– Purr-ple!

We’re moving too fast, we need to put things on paws (pause)

Don’t want to work, just want to play with cats, I’m pro-cat-stinating

Stay PAWsitive!

Happy Purr-thday!

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