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Potato puns ๐Ÿฅ” in 2023

Thanks to you, iโ€™m saddled with unnecessary peelings.

Why didnโ€™t the potato want his daughter to marry the news reporter?
– Because he was a commen-tater.

Before she married Mr Potato Head, Mrs Potato Head was proposed to by Bob Costas
-She rejected him though, because he was a commentator

If youโ€™re looking for potato puns, you can count on me to chip in.

For the first “baked potato,” I’d have given him a joint.

What do you call a lazy spud?
-A couch potato.

Potatoes gonna potate

What do you call a potato that’s afraid to go into hot water?
-A hes-i-tater.

Did you hear about the men at the monastery who make fried potato crisps?
-Theyโ€™re the chip monks.

We were playing hotย potato

Whatโ€™s a potatoes favorite horror movie?
-The Silence of the Yams.

What did Mr. Potato Head do when his car started acting up?
-Nothing, I๏ธt was just a spudder.

Who says puns about potato can’t be sweet?

Heard that burglars used a potato to smash a window and gain entry to a local house, but the evidence may have been planted.

What do you call a stolen yam?
-A hot potato.

We are experiencing slight tuber-lence on the flightโ€

What do you call potatoes that have gone over to the dark side?
– Vader Tots.

What do you call a potato wearing glasses?

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