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History puns 🏺 in 2023

How did the Vikings send secret messages?
– By Norse code!

Why were the early days of history called the Dark Ages?

– Because there were so many knights.

The biggest irony in the world’s history is that the Russian alphabet has no letters in lowercase.
– It is all Capitalization.

Immanuel doesn’t pun, he Kant.

If someone else would have invented the airplane, it wouldn’t have been Wright.

Teacher: Can you describe for me Napoleon’s origin?

– Student: ‘Course I can!

George Washington has sleeping problems only because he is unable to lie.

One fundamental lesson our teacher has taught us in History class while talking about the Civil War was never to take victory for Grant-ed.

What is a snake’s favorite subject in school?
– Hissssstory

The only kind of Rock music that the Pilgrims were fond of was Plymouth Rock.

People hated Ho Chi Minh because he was Hanoi-ing.

When the student had asked the History teacher what questions will be there for the History exam,
– she answered, “The Past.”

There are hardly any knock-knock jokes about America because freedom rings.

When Julius Caeser had met Cleopatra,
– he told her, “Toga-ether, we can rule the world.”

Who invented King Arthur’s round table?

– Sir Cumference.

When Napoleon is indecisive, he is torn-apart-e.

Why did Columbus cross the ocean?
– To get to the other tide.

When indoor toilets were introduced in Britain, it was considered to be a revo-loo-tionary move.

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