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Milk puns ๐Ÿฅ› in 2023

I replaced the milk in the carton with lemon juice. Everyone was really sour about it.

The first person to ever drink cow’s milk got into loads of trouble. The people were appalled, they said, “how dairy!”

What do you get when you drink milk
– A moostache

What would you call a packet of fake milk.
– Cow-nterfeit.

A man attacked me with cream, butter and milk. How dairy.

Why do I never try milking a cow?
– Because the last time I tried doing it, it was an udder failure.

Why is milk taller than you?
– Because it’s always pasteurize

What kind of bees produce milk?
– Boo-bees

What would you call it when a cow does not listen to its owner?
– Uddermining the authority.

My friend is always trying to make cows nervous. She’s a fan of milkshakes.

I introduced chocolate to milk. They did a chocolate milk shake.

We drove to an abandoned Dairy Queen the other day. It was completely dessert-ed.

As kids, dad used to take his glass of milk and wave it across our face before taking a sip because…
– He likes his milk “past-your-eyes”

Why could the bottle of milk not be seen by you?
– Because it went pasteurise in a second.

I love milk when it’s churned. It’s butter that way.

What do you call it when a cow mixes very well with its surroundings?
– A cow-moo-flage.

I’d love to tell you some dairy puns, but I’m afraid you won’t find them funny, you’ll find them too cheesy.

What happened to the man who had too many cows?
– He lost cow-nt.

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