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Blue puns 🔵 in 2023

What is blue and doesn’t fit?
– A dead epileptic.

Whats blue and not heavy?
– Light blue :)))

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Don’t confuse KY, with Gorilla Glue.

I haven’t got a blue.

Teal the show.

What’s red and smells like blue paint??
– Red paint.

Take your blue.

Just gimme the blues.

What’s blue and smells like red paint
– Blue paint 🎨

Teal of approval.

What do you call a blood that wears blue?
– A Hypocrip

My wife spent years perfecting blue box macaroni and cheese.
It took a long time, but she finally honed her Kraft.

How do you kill a BLUE elephant?
– Shoot it with a BLUE elephant gun. How do you kill a PINK elephant? . . . . Hold it’s nose until it turns blue then shoot it with a BLUE elephant gun.

Are there any cobalternatives?

In blue time.

That was over much blue soon.

Yesterday the wind blue strongly.


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